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Akiko Otsuka

“Lunascape can now be set as the default iPhone browser”

G.U. Labs, Inc. provides its mobile web browser, Lunascape, has been certified by Apple as a standard iOS browser and can be set as the default browser in Lunascape. Means Lunascape Ver. 11.3.0 or later, released April 5th, can be set as the default browser for iOS/iPad OS. You can check more details from our company HP News release. Download Lunascape mobile browser from your App Store. ◽️Getting Started  1. First, please make sure that Lunascape is installed on your iPhone/iPad2. Go to iOS Settings > Lunascape > Default Browser App > select Lunascpae You are done !  Now you can start exploring!   ▼URLs for all the related news  Company HP Twitter ️Facebook (Japanese/English)

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