Make the world supreme, by innovative ideas and technologies

G.U. Labs provide tools, solutions, knowledge, research, and development resources for adapting social changes caused by blockchain technology.


Simple & easy-to-use browser
with tab browsing supporting Dapps for desktop & mobile.

Ethereum Wallet with DApps support
Google Chrome™ Extensions Edition.

The Enterprise Ethereum Blockchain cloud platform
for building private, consortium business network.

Enjoy the most innovative NFT and DeFi dApps.


Blockchain Tool Development

Whitelabeling softwares: G.U.Chain, the Ethereum compatible blockchain with higher scalability. Mobile wallet supporting Ether and ERC20 toekns.

Development service for web/mobile application supporting blockchain

We support application research and development using smart contracts, for various industries such as payment, licence management, and real estate asset management.

Research, development, and consulting for blockchain-related projects

We deliver the world’s most advanced & detailed reports analyzing the latest news regarding crypto-assets, and blockchain technology in the world.




Daimei Inaba


Graduated from the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, and completed the Financial Strategy Course (MBA), Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University. After working as a corporation at a major commercial bank, he was in charge of credit risk model/AI development and solution planning and development for banks at The Risk Data Bank of Japan, Ltd.

Hidekazu Kondo


Hidekazu Kondo is the founding member of G.U.Labs, a Tokyo based company that develops Ethereum Blockchain 2nd layer solution, ERC20 token wallet, and Dapps Browser. After got Ph.D in computer science, he developed an authentication system in Sony Corporation. He founded Lunascape Corporation in 2001, a company that develops the first tabbed web browser “Lunascape” in Japan.

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